5-hour Scoping Challenge

Experience the difference

Get clarity on the scope and the next steps in 5 hours. Experience the difference and LAP the competition!

Too many ideas and opportunities go to waste because employees and organizations struggle to make change happen. In today's world of rapid change, that means you may miss the boat when trying to attract new clients and/or talent.

Create an Engaged Innovation Project Team

Set up for success!

In just 5-hours, the Scoping Challenge will enable you to create an engaged innovation project team that will get the job done. Experience turning an idea into an actionable plan your organization will want to develop and implement!

Led by renowned innovation expert Dr. Floor Blindenbach, the Scoping Challenge allows you to use our Steering Wheel software and discover the secrets to:

  • Engaging employees in the innovation process
  • Maintaining team momentum
  • Automatic progress and performance reporting
  • Developing the best project justifications and insightful project scope definitions
  • Understanding progress and performance metrics that predict future success

Dr. Blindenbach has condensed her extensive experience supporting innovation teams into this challenge, offering you a unique opportunity to experience the transformative power of the X-LAP approach.


In the 5-hour Scoping Challenge, you will gain access to our top-tier Innovation Process Management software, the Steering Wheel, and direct interaction with Dr. Floor Blindenbach!


  1. Register for the 5-hour Scoping Challenge
  2. Pay the $399 Scoping Challenge fee
  3. Form a team with 1-6 employees
  4. Plan your 30-minute kick-off session
  5. Receive a tailored journey for your team that fits your project needs
  6. Work at your own pace on your tailored journey 
  7. Plan your 30-minute mid-point check-in and receive feedback
  8. Close out the Challenge within 10 business days, with a clear project scope and next steps

Unlock the potential of your innovation project teams with our proven methods.


DAY 1:

  • Kickoff meeting: a 30-minute private session to get you started.
  • Team setup: 5-15 minutes.

Week 1:

  • Begin the first 1-4 modules of your innovation journey: 15-60 minutes per team member.


  • Check-in session: a 30-minute private session to get feedback and input on your project plans.

Week 2:

  • Continue with modules 2-6 at your own pace: 15-60 minutes per team member

DAY 10:

  • Finalize your project scope and plan: 5 minutes.
  • Closeout session: 30-minute private session discussing the next steps to deliver successful outcomes over the next 6 months.


Meet Your Scoping Challenge Host:


Floor Blindenbach-Driessen has a PhD in management from the Erasmus University in the Netherlands. She has 25+ years of experience with bringing innovative ideas about and published articles about innovation management in highly regarded academic journals and handbooks.

She founded Organizing4Innovation because she saw many smart professionals struggling with bringing their ideas to practice successfully and saw innovation managers lacking the tools to support these teams throughout the innovation journey. The Steering Wheel platform was developed to address these challenges and came about among others due to two commercialization grants from the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Dr. Blindenbach has guided hundreds of innovators to create solutions that generate millions in value.

The Difference:

Participate in the Project Scoping Challenge to experience the difference! Through a customized journey, automatic progress and performance tracking, and weekly guidance, you will:

  • Shorten development timelines
  • Save time and resources
  • Gain early buy-in
  • Ensure adoption
  • Maximize your chances of success