Innovation Program

Would your innovation team like to deliver concrete outcomes within 6 months, 3x faster and with a 5x higher chance of success than the industry average? That is possible, if you sign up for the Steering Wheel Innovation Program (Formerly known as T4) and get in the driver's seat, today!

The Steering Wheel Innovation Program offers JET (Just-in-time, Experiential, Team-based) learning and weekly feedback sessions from an experienced innovation facilitator.  This combination has been proven to make innovation teams progress 3x faster and with a 5x higher success rate than the industry average.

Each team follows its own unique learning journey, which can consist of any or all of the 4 tiers: START, VALIDATE, TRANSFORM, and SCALE.

The Steering Wheel with bite-size tailored modules and weekly feedback from an experienced innovation facilitator

Start-validate-transform - get results in 6 months

Get started

2 weeks from now

A project description that brings clarity on what the project entails

14 weeks from now

The business case that explains why it is time is to take action, what the team will deliver, and how

6 months from now

The first results

Drive Innovation Results!

Begin with the Start program and set your team up for success. In 2 weeks, you will have clarity about:

  • Your project's purpose and boundaries
  • Who the solution is for and why they will use and pay for it
  • The commitment of the team members
  • The learning ability of your team

START is the first of the four tiers. Details about the full program can be found under the Steering Wheel Innovation Program details.

When embarking on your innovation journey, you will become familiar with methodologies such as:

  • Lean startup
  • Customer discovery
  • Jobs-to-be-done
  • Agile
  • Design thinking
  • Discovery driven planning
  • Reverse income statement
  • Affordable loss
  • Project management

 Imagine how things could look 6 months from now, because you took action today!