Survey Report: Acting Upon Your Innovative Ideas

Critical Do-s and Detrimental Don’t-s

In December, we sent out a survey asking people what made them act upon their innovative ideas and the challenges they experienced when doing so. We are happy to report the results of this survey in this blog. Thanks again for all those who participated, your responses have been extremely insightful.

Below you can download the report with the results. We received 52 responses. We followed up on these responses with extra interviews to confirm the results. I am glad we did, as the interviews were very insightful as well.

Download the report to learn about the critical do-s and detrimental don’t-s when acting upon your innovative ideas.


For your information, we used these findings to shape our training sequence “Champion you innovation project from the bottom up“.

The training sequence consists of 5 phases, supporting you from acting upon your idea to disseminating your innovative solution. The training sequence enables you to take action upon your innovative ideas, be successful, and become a gamechanger in no time.



The sequence starts with a Challenge, covering the Drive step:

Champion your innovation project from the bottom up – Challenge

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to champion your idea, outline the opportunity, and create momentum in your organization, so in 4-weeks, you have everything in place to act upon your most promising idea and champion your project successfully.

I am looking forward to seeing you in one of our training programs!

Go out there and change the world, for you clients, organization, and profession!