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The T4 platform ensures that all teams succeed and that participating in an innovation initiative is simple and risk-free. Follow the process to determine whether or not your concept is worth pursuing. Both of these outcomes are beneficial to your organization.

The process

You will follow a tailorable series of bite-size modules, and while on your innovation journey, you will receive ongoing progress and performance tracking, weekly feedback meetings, and weekly progress reports.

The first series of modules leads to a project description. These modules address topics such as – Defining the client, Developing value propositions, Identifying alternatives, Identifying stakeholders etc. It takes teams about 1-2 weeks to complete their project description.

The business case is fed by the second set of modules. Verify the need, calculate the cost, de-risk your project, draft a milestone plan, justify the costs, and so on are covered in these sections. The average team takes 9 to 16 weeks to finish their business case.

Following that, the solution will be developed, and the new offering will be delivered.

You'll start running small experiments to collect data and test crucial assumptions as you work on the business case. The training modules gradually fade into the background, while experiments and the actual delivery of the new solution take center stage.


Teams on the platform are able to deliver concrete results within six months when moving their project forward consistently and putting in at a minimum of four hours each week as a team.

Listen to Scott Howell, the Technology & Information Services Director of McInnes Cooper. He explains in a 2-minute video how the T4 platform benefited their law firm.

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$875 / month*

* When you sign up for a six months commitment.

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