Training program for innovation teams - T4

The T4 program helps innovation teams to get the support and funding they need to be successful

T4 is a training program for early-stage innovation teams. This online training program is Task-oriented and Team-based, and comes with customizable Tracks, and a Trainer. It is designed to help organizations and teams reach their innovation goals faster and obtain better results.


With the use of the T4 platform, Early-stage innovation teams reach their goals faster, leadership has better data to make investment decisions, and ultimately the organization benefits from more profitable innovation outcomes.


The journey that teams undertake on the platform consists of 5 phases, from define the project to sustain growth, see picture below. The journey through the training modules is customized for the needs of each team.

What makes the T4 training program approach unique?

The T4 training program is based on the human-centered innovation approach. An approach that puts the client at the center and lets talented employees take the lead. The T4 program supports innovators in organizations by:

  • Providing customized training
  • Helping teams to focus on the right tasks at the right time
  • Helping teams to find the funding needed for the project, development, and implementation
  • Steering teams away from beginner mistakes and other common pitfalls

The objective of the training program is to make each innovation team successful!

What more, progress reporting is effortless, which makes it easy for managers to oversee and support the ongoing innovation initiatives.

We are convinced that we have developed a training program that saves time for teams and their managers, delivers high-quality project plans, firmly anchors each innovation project in the organization, and sets each innovation team up for success.

Instead of us telling you this, we suggest you try it out yourself.

Try us out - First month fee $295/team*

*The regular program fee is $975/team/month

For Whom?

The T4 platform is designed for early-stage innovation teams. More specifically, it is for:

  • Talented individuals or teams at the early to mid-stage career level;
  • Who want to address a problem with an innovative solution or explore a novel opportunity;
  • Who can commit between 1-4 hours/week on their project;
  • Whose projects are at the early stages (just have an idea and not much more);
  • And Whose ideas concern new service or new business offerings.

The focus is on new service and new business development. That can be any new or significantly improved process, product, service, software, app, etc, with as differentiator from traditional product development that clients pay for the added value of the service provider.

What will participating teams get?

  • Access to the T4 platform (30+ online training modules) for your team (you can invite five team members to join you on the platform to participate in the training with you at no additional costs)
  • Weekly 30 minutes sessions with your trainer
  • 24/7 technical support with a max 8 hours response delay (we are humans, who need to sleep and take breaks).
  • Bi-weekly innovator community sessions
  • Ability to export data / create progress reports with one click

training content

4 trainer

Time commitment
1-4 hours/week

Pay per team and
start any time

General description of the program

The T4 training program is designed to guide early-stage innovation teams through the “fuzzy” stages of the innovation process. So, innovators know what to focus on, avoid common pitfalls, and know soon whether they are onto something truly promising.

As part of the first phase of the program, teams deliver a detailed project description. If approved, this is followed by a second phase in which the team delivers a complete business case and project proposal, describing the opportunity, the new offering, potential risks, and what is needed to make it happen.

When spending 1-4 hours per week on your project, the first phase will take you about four weeks to complete and the second phase approximately eight weeks.

These two initial phases are followed by three subsequent phases that typically take longer: the development of the solution, the delivery to a first client, and the scaling to sustain growth.

Teams can stop at any time and export their data (Excel and/or Word). If desired, teams can reactivate their account at a later stage.


Is it worth to pay for a training program like T4? In fact, the question is more can you afford not to.

  • The reduction in coordination time between team members typically already pays for the T4 program fee, because the programs shows you what to do when.

and if that would not cover the costs,

  • Then, the shorter development time line by several months, will enable you to generate new revenue sooner, which will pay for way more than the T4 program fee

And what if your project is not successful?

  • Then, the money saved by timely stopping an innovation project that is not meant to be, pays for much more than the T4 program fee. The focus during the program on the most risky aspects of your projects will deliver you these insights much sooner, saving you from unnecessarily wasting additional time and money on an unfeasible project.

De-risk focus areas the T4 training program

The de-risk focus areas of the T4 training program