Successfully executing your net-zero strategy

The 10% NOW Manifesto The 10% NOW manifesto is about successfully executing your organization’s net-zero strategy and living up to the expectations of your clients and talent. It is about taking action today, instead of making net-zero promises about the future. The basic principle is to invest 10% of your profits each year in sustainability-related […]

Make big bold plans happen

Big bold plans

Are you a leader with big bold plans for your organization or team, but are you not entirely sure how to make these plans come true? This blueprint lays out in clear steps how to break down your big bold plans into something concrete that you can get started with right away and, more importantly, […]

3 Biggest Mistakes and the 3 Secrets of Success

Recently, for the Lex Mundi T4 Challenge, I gave a presentation in which I shared the 3 biggest mistakes and the 3 secrets of success when bringing an idea to practice. These biggest mistakes and secrets of success are simple to summarize in a table. Unfortunately, I know from first-hand experience how oh-so-easy it is […]