Check out your organization’s INNOVATION PROCESS TYPE with this 5 min QUIZ!

Are you looking for ways to create forward-looking leaders and boost the innovation culture in your organization? Take the 5-minute QUIZ to find out the Innovation Process Type of your organization, because creating a culture for innovation and forward-thinking leaders starts with knowing what approach to innovation your organization is using. Knowing the Innovation Process […]

Preferring a skateboard over a Porsche

You will understand why an innovation team of a global law firm decided that a skateboard would suit them better than a Porsche after you read the “Winning turned out to be the beginning” case. This case starts with a few talented lawyers in the eDiscovery group, who were confident that there was a better […]

Boost the innovation culture in your organization with this 5-minute QUIZ!

Are you looking for ways to boost the innovation culture in your organization? Take the 5-minute QUIZ to find out the Innovation & Talent Profile of your organization. Learn about the best way to engage your talent pool and how to create an affordable & sustainable innovation culture that delivers results for your organization. At […]

No Rocket Science: JET learning

At Organizing 4 Innovation we are very privileged to be working with innovation teams and facilitators all day, every day. And looking back at the accomplishments of the users of our Innovation Deliver platform – I am so proud! Over 80% of the teams get to concrete outcomes within 6 months – in some cases, […]

Top Talent Top Ideas

A scarce resource: Talent

Is talent a scarce resource in your organization? By listening to your employees, you may find you have a lot more talent in-house than you thought. Talent will have great answers if we trust them In a Washington Post article, CEO of Rolls-Royce North America Tom Bell says “Suspend your disbelief just a little bit, […]

Winners of the Lex Mundi T4 Challenge 2022

Lex Mundi and Organizing4Innovation launched their strategic partnership with the Lex Mundi T4 Challenge and are excited to announce the winners of this challenge. The winners The Lex Mundi T4 Challenge 2022 saw an incredible amount of interest from Lex Mundi member firms and some truly unique and innovative applications. The winning teams have not […]

How to stand out?

How to stand out in 2022

Given the pandemic and all the changes that are happening, how can you stand out in 2022? Many people would wish to have a particular magic bullet they can hire, purchase, or even acquire to make them heroes for clients and colleagues at work. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. To stand out as an individual, […]

Bringing rigor to the innovation process

Bringing simplicity and rigor to the innovation process

Familiar challenges? Below is a list of a few challenges innovation managers frequently mention when coming to us. For their innovation and tech efforts, they wonder how to: Prioritize projects among the many opportunities  Secure resources for these proactive/internal projects Get buy-in for the implementation All of these challenges are symptoms of the same problem. […]

Setting innovation teams up for success

Setting innovation teams up for success

How do you make sure that all of your innovation projects deliver valuable outcomes? How do you set innovation teams up for success? It has been the main motivator to develop our online T4 program. Dr. Floor Blindenbach knew it could be done. Once the online program was developed, we then needed teams to prove […]

Law 2030 podcast with Dr. Floor Blindenbach-Driessen

Law 2030 podcast

The University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School’s Future of the Profession Initiative featured Dr. Floor Blindenbach in their Law 2030 podcast. This podcast focuses on the many changes afoot in the legal profession and implications for lawyers, law students, clients, and leaders across the industry. The Law 2030 podcast was started in 2021 and brings […]

Efficiency kills innovation

Efficiency kills innovation

Efficiency kills innovation. Efficient markets, efficient companies, and efficient employees are good for many things, but not for innovation. Efficiency is created by scaling, standardizing, and routinizing labor. While each of these efforts in itself can be an innovation effort, the relentless focus on efficiency will in the end kill society’s, organizations, and employee’s ability to […]

Budgeting 2021

Budgeting for 2021

Firms use annual budget cycles. Now, during this COVID19 pandemic, it may be the wrong way to go about budgeting for 2021, because it does not leave you enough flexibility. How can you budget for next year, while keeping maximum flexibility, go after new opportunities when they arise, make the most out of your available […]