How to Accomplish Your Innovation Goals

Sitting behind your desk and day dreaming about how the future is going to look like is a fun past time. How can you turn these ideas into reality, how to make these dreams come true? In other words, how to accomplish your innovation goals and be successful?

How Professionals Innovate

Engineers, lawyers, clinicians, educators and many more, are all professionals. Most had to study for years to get into these professions. Now that you are in, how do you contribute to advancing your profession? How do you innovate?

Innovating in Collaboration

How convenient would it be to have someone else innovate on your behalf? You point out the issue that needs to be resolved or improved, and someone else will do the work and come up with a new product, service that will do exactly what you asked for. Then you only have to …, well what parts of the process would you still have to do?