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Business as unusual – create innovation options to thrive

To survive the coronavirus crisis, you must adapt to the new normal. To thrive, you will need to create new opportunities that address the new normal. You probably know this. Yet, it is so hard to do. In a moment of crisis like this, you cannot afford to spend money on risky bets. Therefore, it […]

Customer discovery versus market research

Recently, someone asked me to explain the difference between customer discovery and market research. I used Henry Ford’s famous example of “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” quote to explain the value of both approaches. Figuring out the need for something that does not yet exist To explain the difference […]

Innovation fears

CB Insights surveyed 677 corporation and released a report with interesting findings on the state of innovation in these organizations. From the report it seems that companies fear innovation and don’t walk the talk.

Afraid of Taxi drivers?

Are you afraid of taxi drivers? What about their dirty cabs, the lack of clarity about the price, and their often lousy knowledge of the local roads and traffic? Why I ask? Taxi driver as a profession Being a taxi driver used to be a profession. In London for example, “taxi drivers go through stringent […]

Healthcare disruption by tech giants and insurance companies?

On 02/10/2018 the Washington Post featured an interesting article “The tech industry thinks it is about to disrupt healthcare, don’t count on it“, by Carolyn Johnson. The article provides a unique insight in a failed high-tech healthcare solution intended to disrupt healthcare.


Leading Brexit?

Many law firms seem to have identified Brexit as a great opportunity to deliver novel high value services. How to stand out? 

professional innovation management

Why’s it so Hard? Innovation Management in Professional Services Firms

  Transforming ourselves is not particularly new. To serve our clients, we have to constantly adapt, accepting, responding to and shaping rather than ignoring disruption. This quote is from a recent Wharton (University of Pennsylvania) article on disruption and professional services innovation.

What if your clients get disrupted?

Many industries, from banking and insurance to retail, are undergoing a fundamental redefinition. In part because digital technologies are making it possible for new entrants to disrupt established markets. When this disruption is followed by changes in regulations, many incumbents find themselves having to redefine their business. You need to ask yourself: If these changes are impacting your clients, how will they impact your future business?

Disrupted Growth | Professional Service Innovation

Disrupted Growth

Disrupted Growth: Sometimes growth requires a detour, but that does not mean that you have to stop growing or have to leave your roots behind!

Professional Service Innovation | Ambidexterity


In the literal sense, ambidexterity means being left and right handed. In the management literature ambidexterity refers to the ability of an organization to excel today and be ready for whatever the future brings. Is your organization ambidextrous?

Crowdfunding in Perspective

What is crowdfunding? Is your organization, or are your your researchers and inventors, missing an important opportunity?