Impactful innovations start simple & small

When we think about innovation, we often think about iPads, Tesla cars, Space X rockets, Uber, new pharmaceuticals and other big and fancy innovations. However, most innovations do not start out as billion-dollar ideas. Rather the contrary, often small, seemingly unattractive ideas turn into impactful innovations. Unfortunately, this type of seemingly insignificant ideas often don’t […]

How to make a difference?

How to make a difference that benefits your clients, the organization, and your career? Can you even do that, as a small pawn in the system? The answers is yes, you certainly can make a difference! 

Changing the game in the professional services

There are many fascinating technologies – from big data, artificial intelligence, to blockchain – that can truly enhance the services provided by lawyers, clinicians, engineers and many other professionals. However, incorporating these technologies is not going to happen by itself. Successful incorporation requires professionals to take charge, take on the role of innovation champions, and […]

Survey Report: Acting Upon Your Innovative Ideas

Critical Do-s and Detrimental Don’t-s In December, we sent out a survey asking people what made them act upon their innovative ideas and the challenges they experienced when doing so. We are happy to report the results of this survey in this blog. Thanks again for all those who participated, your responses have been extremely […]