Managing innovation on a shoestring budget

When I was doing value engineering workshops and other idea generation exercises for the projects of Fluor Daniel in the Netherlands, I felt like a kid in a candy store. I am sure it feels the same way for many innovation managers, till reality hits. While there were plenty of opportunities, I had no budget, […]

Three ways to organize for innovation in a law firm

More and more law firms are jumping on the innovation bandwagon. Meantime, many law firms are still on the fence.  In this blog we compare three ways to organize for innovation in a law firm. Depending on the size and ambitions of your firm, you may prefer one approach over another. Organizing for innovation Before diving into three […]

Innovation as Cost or Profit Center?

It is often falsely believed that innovation pays for itself. Yet, medical R&D is expensive and for most hospitals innovation is a cost center, often even a money sink. Why is innovation a cash cow in industry but does not translate into revenues and growth in medical centers?

Professional Service Innovation | Dos and donts

Innovation Management Dos and Don’ts

There are many names for the Innovation Management function in professional service firms. It can be identified as new business development or quality improvement, or hidden in the marketing department. How to make sure the innovation function—whatever it is called—enables innovation to thrive in your organization?

Organizing for Improvement versus Organizing for Innovation

Organizing for Improvement versus Innovation

Busy organizing for continuous improvement in your professional service organization? Both in healthcare and in the legal industry there are some great examples of how to embed continuous improvement in the fabric of your organization. Is the same infrastructure also suitable to foster innovation and new business development?

Healthcare Innovation| engage physicians

Unlocking a Hospital’s True Potential: Engage Physicians in Innovation and Improvement Efforts

On average, hospitals need to reduce costs by 5-10% in order to survive current pressures & changes. Such costs reductions are attainable, but only when physicians are engaged in these improvement trajectories. Then, it is impossible to unlock a hospital’s true potential. How engage physicians in such a way that it benefits all involved, i.e. physicians, hospital management and patients alike?

Organizing for Innovation

In this Organizing4Innovation Webinar, Floortje Blindenbach-Driessen, PhD, explains in 30 minutes what it takes to manage innovation in professional service organizations. She points out why organizing for innovation is important, what it entails and how it can be achieved.

Innovation as a Core Business Process or a Support Service?

Is innovation a core business process or support service in your organization? Your first answer is probably innovation is core to our business—because improvements and new services enable our organization to sustain its profits, survive, attract new customers, etc. But do you need to innovate in order to advise your clients or see your patients? Likely not. Although important, innovation is a support service in most organizations, just like Accounting and Human Resources. Important, but not an integral process of each service delivery.

Three Issues to Consider When Looking for Innovation Management Advice

Looking for innovation management advice? Interested in setting up innovation infrastructure, or looking for ways to improve your innovation performance? Searching the internet will give you 14.7 million hits when Googling for “innovation management advice”. What to look for? There are three issues to consider when establishing or improving your innovation process and output.

Establishing Legal Innovation: From Club to Hub to Center

Although new business development is as important for law firms as it is for any manufacturing firm, manufacturing firms have dedicated unit to develop new products and services, whereas law firms do not. How to organize for innovation in a legal firm?