Part 4: What makes a top performing team?

In the previous parts of this blog series, I addressed that high engagement of the innovation team is key to successful outcomes. I also explained that telling teams what to do works counterproductive. Instead of engaging, it makes a team more likely that teams go stealth – wanting to do their own thing. The best […]

Part 3: Going beyond asking the right question at the right time

In Part 1 of this blog series, I explained that high engagement is key to successful innovation outcomes. Part 2 addressed why telling teams what to do works counterproductive. It may even repel some innovators, who then will go stealth so they can keep doing their own thing. The way to circumvent that, is to […]

Part 2: Why telling an innovation team what to do is ineffective

In part 1, see below, I discussed the importance of getting each innovation team to a successful outcome. Getting from a 20% to an 80% success rate is very doable, even when your organization does not have much of a culture for innovation. Keeping teams focused and organized is the trick. What could happen if […]

Part I: Getting results

From our research and experience, we know that too many innovation and improvement initiatives fizzle out because the team is unfocused and disorganized. Fewer than 20% of such projects deliver results! By enabling innovation, digital transformation, new business development, and improvement teams to stay focused and organized, teams on the Steering Wheel platform move 3x […]