Who is responsible for the future of your law firm?

The world is changing rapidly with regards to technology, security, international agreements, and national laws. So plenty of work out there to keep lawyers busy. However, that does not mean you can neglect the growth and future of your law firm. Who is going to make sure you stay on top and keep up with […]

Learn what is coming in the future

Recently I had the pleasure to speak with Dennis Kennedy, the former Vice President and Senior Counsel at MasterCard, where he focused on information technology law. He is a well-known lawyer, author, blogger, speaker and podcaster who is considered among the most influential authority on the application of technology in the practice of law. He is widely-praised for […]

Three ways to organize for innovation in a law firm

More and more law firms are jumping on the innovation bandwagon. Meantime, many law firms are still on the fence.  In this blog we compare three ways to organize for innovation in a law firm. Depending on the size and ambitions of your firm, you may prefer one approach over another. Organizing for innovation Before diving into three […]


Leading Brexit?

Many law firms seem to have identified Brexit as a great opportunity to deliver novel high value services. How to stand out? 

Meet your new colleague: ROSS

ROSS is the first artificially intelligent attorney and works for BakerHostetler. ROSS is a robot with powers of attorney. Based on IBM Watson technology, this robot serves as a legal researcher in BakerHostetler’s bankruptcy practice, where it will be responsible for sifting through thousands of legal documents.

Legal Tech Exhibit Hall, New York City 2016

Legal Tech 2015 Review

February 2-4, Legal Tech 2015 was held in New York City. Legal Tech is a well-attended conference, with great speakers, and featuring many new products in the exhibit halls. Wandering through the exhibit halls made it clear that e-discovery is hot, as are tools that secure data. In addition there were many other apps and tools designed to make the legal profession easier for practitioners and better accessible for clients.

innovation in law

Why Matter Center Matters

Microsoft released Matter Center to Git Hub today (Dec 17, 2015). Matter Center is a great opportunity for legal IT and could be a defining innovation for law practices. So, what is Matter Center and why it matters to Law Firms and corporate councel?

Law innovation pays off

FT Innovative Lawyer 2015: Being an Innovative Law Firm Pays Off

Today, the Financial Times Innovative Lawyer 2015 that appeared. It has been 10 years since the first edition came out. In that time period, Allen & Overy – who have been overall winners four times in these past ten years – approximately doubled in size from £666m to £1,281m, while increasing their profit margin from 36.8% to 45.2%. So being an innovator certainly pays off! Interested to learn how? Apply to one of our free in-company seminars.

Professional Service Innovation | Law practice innovation

Legal Practice Innovation Management

Innovation management in law practices is still in its infancy, especially when compared to practices used in other industries. The need and benefit seem to be misunderstood. Interestingly, the arguments against innovation – we are already successful, we are different, we are growing – are exactly the same as those that support innovation and innovation management: revenue growth from novel clients and services, the ability to differentiate, and sustainable growth.

Professional Service Innovation | Law practice innovation

Law and Technology | Evolutions and Revolutions

Last week, the Georgetown Law School hosted two very interested conferences related to innovation in law practice. One was about technology trends and the other about regulatory disruption in the legal market. Also want to get ahead of the pack?

Organizing for Improvement versus Organizing for Innovation

Organizing for Improvement versus Innovation

Busy organizing for continuous improvement in your professional service organization? Both in healthcare and in the legal industry there are some great examples of how to embed continuous improvement in the fabric of your organization. Is the same infrastructure also suitable to foster innovation and new business development?

Law Innovation in the US in 2014

The US Financial Times Innovative Lawyer Ranking for 2014 is out. The picture that emerges from this version of the innovative lawyer, is one of a profession in transition. The information revolution is changing the world, including the law profession. There are new applications of technology, new assaults on data security and privacy and new forms of partnerships. The law has yet to catch up with many of these development, but lawyers are playing a vital role in bringing clarity to these issues and their profession.