Why Bother About New Business Development?

Why should you bother about new business development? Are new business development, generating new revenue streams, innovation, new service development not just commonly used buzz words?  What does this all mean in the context of professional services anyway? 

Generating New Revenue Streams

I have yet to run into a company that doesn’t have plenty of ideas. However, translating these ideas into valuable revenue generating business opportunities is quite a different story.

Creating, managing and selecting a pipeline of new service initiatives

Organizing4Innovation helps professional service organizations create, manage and select a pipeline of new service initiatives. Initiating a new service development program sets expectations and we want to make sure you will be successful. In this blog, we describe a series of steps that will help you to successfully create, manage, and select a pipeline of […]

A Novel Approach to Business Development for Managing Partners

The Managing Partner Forum publishes the outcomes of their managing partner surveys each year. The results reveal interesting details about the challenges managing partners face. This year, 69% of the participants indicate that their main challenge is productivity, 63% face pressures on their billing rates and 53% struggle with increased competition for clients. To address […]

More with less | professional service innovation

What if Your Clients Want More for Less?

Your clients are becoming more and more demanding, while they are willing to pay less and less. In addition, competition is been increasing too. On the one hand your competition are the super specialized – often one-person – consultancies, who can deliver specific high quality services at low costs because they have no overhead to carry. On the other hand, there are developing country firms, who are moving closer to their customers and delivering higher valued services. To make lemonade out of all these lemons, you may need a new business model.