The Gap

There is a rapidly widening gap between what is technologically possible and how professionals practice their profession. This gap exists, because for each new technological advance, a high level of analysis and review is needed before lawyers, physicians, or other professionals can implement it. This prudent approach is causing a growing tension, that after 50 […]

New online course “How to get your idea approved” – looking for beta testers

At Organizing for Innovation, we recently created a new online course: How to get your idea approved. We are currently looking for beta testers who are willing to be the first participants to take the course. The target audience for the course The course is a 6-week online program, in which innovation champions in professional service organizations […]

Innovation challenges in the professional services

Lawyers, clinicians, engineers and other professionals have a few things in common. They are all smart, busy, and have super specialized jobs. Due to technologies like big data, block chain, artificial intelligence, etc, there are many opportunities for new service concepts and new business models in the professional services. However, developing such innovative new service concepts is challenging […]

How to make a new service team?

New service development is a team sport. How do you convene a winning team of professionals, when everyone is busy with their own work and lives? How to create a new service team that has the ability to develop the service and create a new revenue stream?  

When Coaching is Most Effective

Since very few people and teams have extensive experience with new service development, hiring a coach to help you through the process is invaluable. Coaches add value in many ways: by challenging the team’s assumptions, by pointing out the most important tasks at hand, and by encouraging the teams to keep going when the going gets […]

Which type of development projects to pursue?

Not all innovation efforts pay off equally. Which type of development projects to pursue? Which offer most value to your clients and the highest return on investment for the organization?

Generating New Revenue Streams

I have yet to run into a company that doesn’t have plenty of ideas. However, translating these ideas into valuable revenue generating business opportunities is quite a different story.

Creating, managing and selecting a pipeline of new service initiatives

Organizing4Innovation helps professional service organizations create, manage and select a pipeline of new service initiatives. Initiating a new service development program sets expectations and we want to make sure you will be successful. In this blog, we describe a series of steps that will help you to successfully create, manage, and select a pipeline of […]

A Novel Approach to Business Development for Managing Partners

The Managing Partner Forum publishes the outcomes of their managing partner surveys each year. The results reveal interesting details about the challenges managing partners face. This year, 69% of the participants indicate that their main challenge is productivity, 63% face pressures on their billing rates and 53% struggle with increased competition for clients. To address […]

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Innovation, new service development, research; what is the difference?

What is the difference between innovation, new service development, and research? Does it matter? There are differences between new service development, research and innovation in the professional services. And yes, these differences matter. As I found out the hard way, mixing up these terms can be utterly confusing.