Business plan, case, model, or canvas?

While related, business plans, business cases, business models, and business model canvases are very different things that serve different purposes. What to use when? Business plan, case, model, or canvas? Let me first explain what is what. A business plan A business plan is a detailed description of how you plan to start and grow […]

Becoming as Innovative as Google?

Who doesn’t aspire to work for an organization as innovative and inspiring as Google? Have you considered copying Google’s innovation engine? Take from me a word of advice. If you want to become as innovative as Google, don’t copy their innovation process if you are a professional service provider.

The Innovation Value Chain for Professional Service Organizations

The innovation process is like an innovation value chain, consisting of idea generation, development and implementation. The process is as strong as its weakest link. If you are great at idea generation, but not so good at development, very few of the brilliant ideas generated will come to fruition. To be an effective innovator, you need to be good at all phases.