Strategy Execution

In an ever changing healthcare landscape, strategy and strategy execution are more important than ever. While some changes are mandatory, there are many more opportunities that are not. With so many options, it is important to choose a direction, stick with it, and execute it well. However, that is easier said than done, which may […]

More with less | professional service innovation

What if Your Clients Want More for Less?

Your clients are becoming more and more demanding, while they are willing to pay less and less. In addition, competition is been increasing too. On the one hand your competition are the super specialized – often one-person – consultancies, who can deliver specific high quality services at low costs because they have no overhead to carry. On the other hand, there are developing country firms, who are moving closer to their customers and delivering higher valued services. To make lemonade out of all these lemons, you may need a new business model.

Creating a Truly Memorable Law Firm Retreat

Whether you are planning the next retreat, or just have completed one, it is worth taking a moment and also consider what will happen after the retreat. What came out of all the great plans and promises made at the previous one? Anything memorable?

Playing Offense and Defense in Continuing Legal Education

Most will associate offense and defense with sports and not with Continuing Legal Education. However, let me explain why it makes sense to consider training your incoming recruits to play either offense or defense. As we know from sports, it is impossible to excel at both when playing at the professional level.

Why Professional Service Firms Should be Afraid of Comets

Professional service firms have been immune to changes for a long time, just as earth has not been affected by comets for as long as we can remember. This stability creates a perception of safety. ESA did not send the satellite to Comet 67/P to take pretty pictures, but to understand how to land, and potentially alter the course of a comet into a for earth more beneficial trajectory. What does your organization do to deal with upcoming changes?

“How Google Works”

I would not read it for its management advice, but more as an entertaining and interesting history of Google. My take away from the event and the book is that if you try to copy Google to become a Google, you are totally on the wrong track.