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Two great TED talks about the opportunities and dangers of artificial intelligence

I recently came across two amazing TED talks about the opportunities and dangers of artificial intelligence. Kasparov explains how it is to get beaten in your own game by a machine. UC Berkeley’s computer science professor Stuart Russell, explains what it takes to stay on top of artificial intelligence.

Garry Kasparov

Garry Kasparov is undoubtedly a brilliant chess player. When he got beaten by Deep Blue – at the top of his career – he feared for the future of chess. However, the opposite turned out to be true. Nowadays, chess is played by more people than ever before. Many players enjoy the game thanks to the easy accessibility of chess computer games on cell phones.

Site note: Deep Blue did not make use of artificial intelligence – it calculated and optimized all the available options with amazing speed. Deep Blue’s success did lead to the development of Watson, who was trained to play and win Jeopardy, using artificial intelligence. 

Kasparov’s message: Don’t fear intelligent machines, work with them. It are not the smartest people, nor the smartest machines, that win. Instead, it are those who have the best process to integrate available means and capabilities that will be the winners of the future.

His TED talk:


Stuart Russell

Stuart Russell founded the Center for Human-Compatible Artificial Intelligence at UC Berkeley in 2016. He wrote the textbook Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach. Student use this popular textbook at 1300 universities in 116 countries.

In his TED talk, Stuart Russell addresses the possible dark side of Artificial Intelligence. He suggests instead of limiting what computers can do, to control how they do it.

In his talk he provides some great examples of what is possible and offers three suggestions for creating safer artificial intelligent solutions:

Take away

My take away from both talks is that we can become better humans – and better professionals – with the use of intelligent machines.

I hope you got inspired by these “ideas worth spreading”!

Now go out there and change the world for your clients, organization and profession.




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