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Unspent Education and Training Budget? Spent it on New Business Development

Do you still have unspent education and training budget left over for the year? Wondering how to spend it wisely? Spend it on New Business development and ensure it actually delivers value. Consider our (online) new business development education and coaching programs for your talented employees, division, unit, or organization.

New business development programs

The goal of the New Business Development programs below is to help your organization deliver results that your clients value. We currently offer two different options.

  1. Our training program. What sets this program apart is that it is an in-company new business development program that develops teams that can deliver new services. It does so at record speed – 6 weeks – for a very reasonable price. In short our business and development education and coaching program will get you a lot of mileage, even when your unspent budget is limited.
  2. The Rotterdam School of Management New Business Development program in the Netherlands, is an alternative option. This is an on campus program that helps individuals with the development of their new business plan through a series of classes and coaching. Dr Blindenbach-Driessen teaches one of the sessions and is a coach for the program. The next cohort starts in the spring of 2017.

Making education and training programs pays off

Most education and training efforts don’t pay off, according to the Harvard Business Review.

“The vast majority of leadership programs are set curricula delivered through classroom-taught, rationally based, individual-focused methods. Participants are taken out of their day-to-day workplaces to be inspired by expert faculty, work on case studies, receive personal feedback, and take away the latest leadership thinking (and badges for their résumés).” Yet study after study, tells us the qualities that leaders in today’s world need are intuitive, dynamic, and collaborative.

According to the same article “Four factors lie at the heart of good, practical leadership development: making it experiential; influencing participants’ “being,” not just their “doing”; placing it into its wider, systemic context; and enrolling faculty who act less as experts and more as Sherpas.” The above described New Business Development programs contains these four factors, and enable leaders to practice and demonstrate their leadership skills in the process.

A new business development program that deliver results

For an example, our training program engages individuals, helps them to form teams and then guides these teams through the ideation process with online education and coaching. The results?

After 6 weeks our New Business Development program delivers:

  • Testable new service concepts aligned with your strategic goals
  • Motivated new service teams
  • Data-driven proposals
  • Team quality indicators – the best predictors of future performance

Interested in running a new service campaign with FIEW? You define the topic of the campaign and we will take 10 to 25 participants through the online education and coaching program, delivering the above described results 6 weeks later. If you act before December 31 2016, the price for this program is $8750.

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