Boost your organization's agility, productivity, and profitability one innovation project at a time!

When you utilize the Steering Wheel, we facilitate your innovation team. We act as the guide, taking all the guesswork out of the innovation process, so you can enjoy your innovation journey and deliver results fast.

The Steering Wheel effect

Start-validate-transform - get results in 6 months

The Journey

2 weeks from now

A project description that brings clarity on what the project entails

14 weeks from now

The business case that explains why it is time is to take action, what the team will deliver, and how

6 months from now

The first results

Deliver Results!

A client story

Listen to Scott Howell, the Technology & Information Services Director of McInnes Cooper. He explains in a 2-minute video how the Steering Wheel (formerly known as T4) benefited their law firm.

The Steering Wheel Infrastructure