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Annual Wharton DC Innovation Summit April 26 & 27

As you may know, the 3rd Annual Wharton DC Innovation Summit is next Tuesday and Wednesday, April 26 & 27. It features 8 keynotes, 40 panels, over 100 speakers and hundreds of attendees. I will be part of the panel on Woman Innovators on the 27th from 1.15 pm till 2.30 pm. Looking forward to seeing you!

Wharton DC Innovation Summit

If you’ve already signed up, terrific.

But if not, you may be facing this dilemma:  Should you attend any or all of it?

Perhaps a simple yet powerful method used by Ben Franklin, one of history’s most successful innovators, entrepreneurs and achievers, can guide you in this important decision: comparing the pros and cons. These are a few ideas to get you started; feel free to supply your own.

Pros of Attending  Cons of Attending
Generate powerful ideas that produce better results – higher revenues, new products Already getting sufficient revenue, don’t need any more
Stimulate new ways to fend off compeition We have a big edge, and no serious challenges
Make new contacts for contracts. collaboration, strategic partnerships, funding We’re already getting all the business and work we can handle and don’t want or need more
Be stimulated at varied sessions by 100+ top innovators, in a cross-disciplinary approach used Our organization is already reaching all of its innovation and organizational goals, and we do it all in-house
Invest 1 or 2 days in DC, for less than the cost out-of-town travel alone Hmmm……….
Reminder: until 11 pm tonight, SPECIAL OFFER – 2-for-1 (A penny saved…) Where do we learn more?

To learn more, or sign up before these SPECIAL RATES expire, go to

For questions about the summit call 301-365-8999 before 8 pm tonight, or email:

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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