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I will always be your fan!

I love cheering for my favorite teams. Whether it is my daughter’s field hockey team, one of my sons’ swim teams, or the Dutch women’s soccer team. Likewise, I love cheering on your innovation team! Turn me into a fan of yours!

Turn me into a fan!

I am not joking when I say that I would love to become your fan. After all, at organizing4innovation, our role is to cheer you on and support you during your innovation journey.

It is part of the human-centered innovation approach that we foster. An approach to innovation that puts the client at the center and lets talented employees take the lead in an organization’s innovation efforts.

We know what efforts it takes to lead an innovation project, and that you cannot do so successfully without someone giving you their unconditional support and honest feedback from the start.

So, that is what you get, when you sign up for our T4 training program. Your T4 trainer will become your biggest fan – until your clients take over from us. Clearly, we cannot compete with them as your biggest fans!

For the teams that sign up this month (October 2019), I will be cheering you along on your journey and I am looking forward to doing so!

Sign up for our T4 training and let me root for you! I want you to be successful in your innovation efforts!