Making your Case: The Court Case vs. The Business Case

As an innovation leader, pitching new ideas to stakeholders and approval committees is part of your role. However, treating these pitches like court cases—highlighting only the positives and omitting the negatives—can be successful in the short term but counterproductive in the long term. Let’s explore the differences between a court case and a business case, […]

Calculating the Return on Investment (ROI) for an Innovation Project

In a recent online ILTA session, Jennifer Mendez, Fisher Phillips and Dr. Floor Blindenbach, Organizing4Innovation, explored how traditional financial metrics like Return on Investment (ROI) often act as innovation killers. They highlighted the limitations and pitfalls of relying solely on ROI for evaluating the potential of innovative projects.

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FREE 5-DAY Project Scoping Challenge How to build a highly engaged employee-driven innovation project team. As we celebrate a decade of innovation and progress, we’re thrilled to share a special gift with you – our FREE 5-Project Scoping Challenge! Build a Highly Engaged Employee-Driven Innovation Team, Turn Their Idea into a Solution that Your Organization […]

Innovation Insights: Lessons Learned from Ten Years of Business Transformation

Organizing4Innovation is celebrating its 10th anniversary this month! What a journey it has been! In the story below, I will highlight the things I learned about innovation, innovation management, making change happen, and running a business. Innovation is a Journey At Children’s National, I had the fortunate opportunity to work with Robert Fellows. Here, I […]

Making Decisions in High Uncertainty

When working on a Generative AI or other innovation projects, the sheer volume of decisions can be overwhelming, especially when uncertainty is high. It’s impossible to do everything, so how do you prioritize? How do you determine what to focus on and what to leave out? Challenges in Generative AI Projects In projects involving Generative […]

Better Innovation Metrics, Please

Successful outcomes This blog is a call to action to use better innovation metrics. Innovation means many things to many people. I have always suspected that was because without proper metrics it is difficult to define what makes innovation. Take for example success. What is innovation success? An example of a successful new product is […]

Commonalities Between Board Game Rules and ChatGPT Guidelines

Did a new board game find its way under your Christmas tree this year? The joy of exploring the rules, playing an open round, and uncovering the game’s intricacies is a familiar delight. But, how does this playful approach compare to the way organizations navigate the uncharted territory of advanced technologies like ChatGPT and other […]

Navigating the Deployment of Microsoft Copilot Licenses

Update Feb 2024 As of mid-January 2024, there is no longer a minimum limit on Copilot licenses. See below. That means you can now start with a small pilot. However, thinking through what and how you will pilot will still be relevant, as well as thinking through if and how you will introduce MS Copilot […]

The Hidden Resource in Legal Tech Projects: Attorney Time

In the world of legal technology, one essential resource often goes unnoticed and unaccounted for in project proposals – attorney time. In this blog, we’ll explore why legal tech project proposals frequently exclude the most precious resource, shed light on the importance of attorney involvement, and provide valuable insights into optimizing these projects. Why Attorney […]

AI Insights: 3 Lessons from Real Project Experiences

In the ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence, Generative AI has taken center stage, promising new horizons of productivity and innovation. As we venture into the eighth week of our Generative AI Derisking Program, we’ve gleaned essential AI insights that can significantly benefit teams embarking on a similar journey. These lessons transcend the technical aspects, delving […]